Virtual Computing Technology

Efficiency gains can be virtually unbelievable.

The days of a single domain controller serving even a modest sized company’s needs have passed. Multiple specialized servers focusing on individual tasks are often better, if not required for today’s network environment. This leads to a situation where you are deciding on hardware based on its price, rather than the best possible solution for your company. 

Green Line is committed to reducing your hardware cost while providing the solution your company truly needs. This commitment has led to us heavily deploying virtual machine technology. Virtualized machines can be co-hosted from one hardware location, are easy to back up and quick to redeploy. 

If your current IT provider isn’t using virtualization, they are missing opportunities to save you money. For example, a company may be running a Domain Controller, an Exchange Server, a SQL Database, a Soft Router and a standalone Spam Filter. Each of these systems require their own operating system and individual settings. In the past, this meant five physical machines with expensive server grade hardware spending most of their time idle, waiting for a work request. With virtualization, that waste can be eliminated.